NICO Maritime Security Solutions undertakes the provision of tailored solutions to the plethora of Oil and Gas Industry and International commercial shipping, operations in and around the Gulf Of Guinea.

NICO Services

At Nico Maritime Security Services we understand the risks from a security standpoint, whether the client’s vessel is transiting through High-risk areas to either the port, offshore terminal or when simply anchored or docked. Hostile elements have easy access to commercial shipping targets, as a vessel at sea is vulnerable without easy access to a conducive security task force.

We carry out detailed threat analysis and risk assessment. The movement profile of your cargo is balanced against the current level of threat. NICO also do vessel vulnerability assessment to facilitate countermeasures and protection. NICO understand time is of the essence, and provide substantial assistance within a short time frame.

Once we understand your requirements, we formulate the most appropriate action plan to complete the assignment and meet our client’s objectives. We tailor our security solutions to incorporate a gunboat escort or simply place an armed Naval Team on-board

Vessel Risk Management Services

Once the plan is put in place, the NICO Maritime Security – Safety Officer will deliver the full brief and advise the Captain regarding vessel defence strategies, after the customary vessel risk assessment and hardening report. This also incorporates route assessment and recent pirate threats.

The Safety Officer will diligently liaise between the captain and crew, providing situation awareness training, guidelines and safety drills. With 24 hour liaising with Local Naval Forces personnel, and piracy watches, we ensure the highest level of protection at all times.

In addition, the Safety Officer also helps with:

  • Training the crew to act proactively during piracy attacks or incidents
  • Onboard lectures and drills for emergency situations
  • HSSE Audits on request
  • Guidance on independent tracker device covertly located on board
  • 24 hours meticulous AP watches with the crew
  • Reviewing and assisting in the vessel’s preparation and compliance with BMPS and lockdown procedures
  • 24-hour mission control and command through our Lagos and Port Harcourt Operations Centre
  • The instant response through dynamic coordination with relevant authorities.

Additional Services

Information Services

If you prefer, we will provide frequent, or even daily briefing on all matters pertaining to your vessel. In the event of escalation in security situations, NICO is ideally placed to alert local government authorities at short notice, ensuring swift response and safety of your vessel at all times

Logistical Support

We assist clients in the process of procurement, transit visibility, and clearance and delivery of controlled equipment. As per client needs, NICO Maritime Security Solutions with our substantial experience in all technicalities of logistics can provide partial or total logistics support.


Our Safety Officer or Operations manager provide safety training, both onsite and offsite in West Africa. Our training caters for all Marine Security Risk Management.

Primary Client Vessel Monitoring

NICO Maritime Security Solutions sits best placed to offer fast and responsive key monitoring facilities as its operations centres are based in strategic locations. The key features are;

  • Daily supervision by an Operations manager who is familiar with hostile marine environments.
  • 24/7 vessel monitoring from our Operations Centre in Logos and Port Harcourt. Incident management and emergency communications plan designed, to ensure prompt emergency response coordination with client vessel and local authorities including Navy.
  • Daily situation reports sent to nominated company recipients.
  • In-depth advice on the use of our tracking system and go-fences, proximity alerts.

Emergency and Kidnap Response Services

We are able to provide emergency response and expert negotiation plans to tackle kidnapping and hostage type scenarios, as we have a comprehensive local knowledge and experience. This ensures our planning is robust and apt for the locality. By effectively liaising with government authorities and technical operators on the ground, we ensure cost-effective and prompt reactions to all crisis situations. We play an active part in planning procedure incorporating protocols for medivac, kidnap and crisis response situations.

Port and Route Risk Advisories

We produce bespoke maritime advisory reports for shipping clients who wish to gain specific information on certain Ports/Sea routes they usually transit. We also undertake bespoke research assignments on various locations throughout West Africa.

Bespoke Tracking

We help track your live vessels and our security vessels in real time in conjunction with our partner clearwater. NICO/Clearwater tracking system enables us to track and monitor registered vessels transiting HRA (High-Risk Areas) in the Gulf of Guinea. The system is internationally recognized and uses INMARSAT C and AIS raptor tracking features to track live vessels. This system can be used to mark agreed RV positions, areas of operations for security escorts, and highlight if passage routes are through known hot spot areas. This helps quick decisions and strategic action.

NICO Maritime Security Solutions endeavours to undertake efficient marine risk management to operate in the GOG. Call us today for information and pricing. We would be delighted to assist.


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